Meghalaya: Shillong’s century old Christmas tree stands the test of time!



As Shillongites pass by the sparkling and well lit All Saints' Cathedral Church, they will be greeted by a gigantic Christmas tree, one of the few living Christmas trees in the city and probably the oldest one standing tall and firm. It is located at the premises of the All Saints Cathedral and it is often said to have marked the beginning of this particular church.

Photo Credits: Bimi Kharnami

One of the heritage and most attractive buildings of Meghalaya, the All Saints' Cathedral has been a "pilgrim" since 1877 "like a fine-drawn note from a one-stringed lute," as Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore eulogized about the Church in one of his poems.

Photo Credit: Sukher K Mawshun

The gigantic cedar tree is said to have been planted by the then Viceroy of India even before 1877 and has also witnessed the disastrous earthquake of June 12, 1897. Yet, even after 140 years and beyond, the tree stands firm as if to impart a message to everybody each year that come what may, if one is deeply rooted, there is nothing that can move them!