Meghalaya: Nongstoin deploys effective ‘GPS Tracking Software’ for the 1st time in India for election monitoring!


TNT News | Nongstoin, February 25, 2018

As Assembly Elections in Meghalaya are underway, for ease of monitoring the political parties and procedure, the Deputy of Commissioner of Nongstoin, West Khasi Hills Arunkumar Kembhavi informed that his team has developed an in-house GPS Tracking Software through which they would be able to monitor the polling parties on the day of dispatch from Nongstoin and immediately after the polling is concluded, on real time basis.

It may be mentioned that there are only two companies in the world who have mastered this type of tracking software namely Google and Uber. Hypertrack Inc is the third one.

"We have borrowed SDK (software development kit) from Hypertrack and customized it to our own requirements", the DC said.

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An app has been created and will be installed in the smartphones of all presiding officers/polling officers and sector officers.

"Through this,  besides real time location, we will be able to calculate the exact distance in km from the district headquarter to the polling stations. We will also be able to ascertain the estimated time of arrival. After the polling is complete, we can also replay the route taken by the officers, should there be any mischief. This will help us in effective decision making, response system and resource management", the DC added.

In case of vehicle breakdown, personnel getting injured, EVM 'at risk' situations, all that the concerned officer has to press is one SOS button only and it will flash a red flag on the dashboard.

This is the first time such a tracking software is being deployed not just in elections but in public sector management anywhere in India. This software has already been shortlisted as one of the Top 25 NIC innovations across India.

It may be mentioned that the software is the proprietary of NIC, Nongstoin. But it can be availed by anyone for bonafide purposes with permission.

Meghalaya has its own bottlenecks with poor telephone connectivity especially in rural areas. If implemented in larger states during election, especially in metro areas, this software can have remarkable impact on election management.

-With inputs from Deputy Commissioner Nongstoin, Mr. Arunkumar Kembhavi