Meghalaya: Lapang faces heat for his comments on Julius Dorphang case from Civil society,NGO’s


Former Chief Minister and Meghalaya Pradesh Congress President DD Lapang has drawn the ire of the civil society for his 'alleged' ambivalent stand on the Julius Dorphang rape case.

Recently DD Lapang had stated that law would take its own course. The meeting of civil society members convened by I Care  felt that such statements by political leaders of the State would encourage more impunity on the part of those with criminal mindsets.

The conference chaired by Toki Blah, President of I-CARE also resolved to build an alliance of all groups and NGOs working on women's welfare and safety. The meeting decided to take up the following issues in a time-bound manner.

The state of Meghalaya has been rocked after former HNLC Chairman and MLA Julius Dorphang was arrested for allegedly raping a Minor in a guest house owned by the Home Minister of the State .

Civil society members also demanded that a Judgment passed earlier by the Meghalaya High Court where cases of rape of a tribal girl/woman by a tribal man are transferred to the District Councils needs to be revisited since several hundred cases are pending at the District Council Court.

In the meeting which was attended by Meghalaya Womens' Alliance, Meghalaya Women's Commission, North East Network, Faith Foundation, Unitarian Church White Ribbon Movement, Manbha Foundation, Grassroots, Lynpung Ki Seng Kynthei, KSU and FKJGP and several individuals  it was demanded that they would take up the issue of setting up of Fast Track Courts and Special Courts with Chief Minister of Meghalaya. It called for compulsory sex education in all schools starting with training of teachers to tackle this subject. Immediately condemn the recent irresponsible statement made by former Chief Minister DD Lapang