Meghalaya: Kitten brutally thrown from 3rd floor in Shillong; No action against culprit!


With rapid increase in crime and abuse against animals, we often tend to question the law and order situation and why has there been a steep increase in cases pertaining to the same. Amidst the oblivion of these doubts, another brutal case of animal abuse has come to light from Shillong.

A kitten was found brutally killed on the night of January 6 below the premises of BSNL quarters in IGP, Shillong. Apparently, the poor kitten was thrown from the third floor of the BSNL quarters late at night.

Speaking to TNT-the Northeast Today news, Subathra Devi, the owner of the Kitten who works as Junior Telecom Officer at BSNL alleged that a person by the name of B Barua who works as a line man with BSNL killed her kitten. On being confronted by Subathra, Barua seemed to have confessed having killed the kitten and saying, "Yes I killed your cat! What are you going to do now?".

Subathra later sent the body of the cat for post mortem at Sadar Police Station, Shillong and also filed an FIR on the same but the lax behaviour of the police to pursue the culprit made Subathra approach te Stray Animals and Rescue Society (SARS) for speedy action against the culprit. It has been 2 days since the incident took place and yet no action has been taken against the culprit nor has the case been pursued further.

However, on speaking to B Barua over the phone, he denied the allegation as false but also mentioned that no body is allowed to bring animals from outside and keep them in the premises of the quarters. He also went on to say that when police interrogates him, he would prove it to them that he did not kill the cat.

Tashneem Mawlong from SARS said that she would be approaching police on December 9 again to take forward the case with Subathra Devi. It may be mentioned that Barua has been alleged of killing a dog in August 2016 as well but no case was filed against him then. Again, it took a lot of convincing by Subathra to the police to even make them arrive at the crime scene and take the cat's body for post mortem.

TNT News