Meghalaya: “I will never be able to forget my horrifying encounter at Delhi Golf Club,” Tailin Lyngdoh


Shillong, July, 01, 2017: 50-year-old Tailin Lyngdoh from Meghalaya who was humiliated by the Delhi Golf Club staff has said that it will be difficult to erase from her memory the horrifying episode which she had to encounter.

'I will never be able to erase this horrifying episode from my life. The scar will always remain in me. I will never be able to forgive the club for humiliating me just because of my dress," Lyngdoh told newsmen at the Assam House in Shillong on Saturday evening.

Stating that she will not want other people to face a similar humiliation like her, Lyngdoh said that the club needs to learn and respect people and not judge people by the colour or the manner they dress.

"The Government should ensure that every citizen should be given the respect when they go to visit any part of the country. The Government cannot allow this kind of humiliation against its own people," Lyngdoh said.

While recalling the incident, she said that it was one Mr Pal and Mrs Thakur who asked her to leave the club because she seemed to be a maid servant and from her appearance she seems to be a Nepali.

"I have visited countries across the world and even visited Abu Dhabi Golf Club. I have never been humiliated just because of the dress I wore. I strongly feel that the people of India need to learn and respect the traditional attire of the people from the region," the 50 year old Governess stated.

Meanwhile, Dr Nivedita Thakur on Saturday met the chairperson of the Meghalaya State Women Commission (MSCW), Theilin Phanbuh and various others NGOs for their support in order to give justice to Tailin.

She also informed that during her discussion with Chief Minister Mukul Sangma, he had assured that the State Government would take up the matter on 'suo moto'.

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