Meghalaya : Congress mulling major reshuffle even as BJP eyes RG Lyngdoh


Termed as a  failure by many Congress persons in Assam as well as in his home home state CP Joshi has very few takers in the AICC these days.

The appointment of Mukul Wasnik to look into the never ending saga of infighting in the congress has come as a whiff of fresh air to many who were exasperated with the functioning of CP Joshi.

His inability to keep the Party united in Assam and the ultimate departure of Hemanta Biswa Sarma proved a final nail in the coffin for the Congress in Assam after almost 3 terms in power.

Even in his home state CP Joshi was considered by many to be the Chief Ministerial candidate but lost his own assembly seat by a single vote .Many say it was his own family which did not vote for him and were preparing for the celebrations.

Meghalaya Congress which has become a battleground for dissidents and Mukul Sangma is likely to see a tussle for power in the build up to the 2018 polls.

The appointment of Mukul Wasnik who is a former war horse of sorts is seen by many as a admission by the 'High Command ' that change needs to be bought about in the state.Mukul Wasnik has also been incharge of the state earlier and has known leaders such as Deborah Marak since their NSUI Days

Relationship between both the MP's from Meghalaya have been pleasant and constructive

Though Joshi will accompany Wasnik on the 1st of August it is likely that Vincent Pala will play a key role in keeping the party together.Over the past few months the relationship between the KHADC Chief ,Newly elected MP Conrad Sangma has been very pleasant to say the least and some pundits are terming this with the growing disenchantment towards Chief Minister Mukul Sangma

KHADC CEM along with almost 6 MLA's are looking at the possibility of floating a new party with many more looking to join in .

Meanwhile former Home Minister RG Lyngdoh who was widely seen as a possible leader of the newly floated party has categorically rejected any move on his part.However it is expected that the BJP will try to rope in the veteran leader to head their campaign in 2018 as he is seen by many as the leader who has a clean image.

For the moment true to his words RG Lyngdoh has stayed non committal and away from the murky politics of Meghalaya .