Meet WingStar, the teenage superhero from Northeast India


Reliving back to our nostalgic memories of reading comics when the era of fast paced internet did not sweep society and young minds. Tinkle owned by the India Book House(IBH) contains stories, comics, puzzles and other contents mainly for the target audience being children but it is also found among adults as well when it comes to readership.

The comic magazine in its 35th anniversary issue, revealed its newest "superhero". Mapui Kawlim aka WingStar, an ordinary teenager from Northeast reluctant to bust criminals. She is a superhero and hails from a middle class family background residing Mizoram' s capital Aizawl.

At night she takes over the role of a superhero but she does not want to skip sleeping acquiring the tag "Wingstar. Mapui  Kawlim learns to use Rocket thrusters, Iron Fists and Reinforced Robotic Arms.

The new superhero would break the levee especially with people who associate the people of the Northeast to be foreigners in cities such as New Delhi and other places where racial attacks against the people of the Northeast is on the rise.

First published in 1980 by Anant Pai, Tinkle is considered to be the country's first ever English comic magazine.

Interacting on the sidelines, editor of Tinkle Comics Rajani Thindiath said, " Readership in different parts of the Northeast has stood its ground and characters from different parts of the country were always taken onboard on our magazine."

Tinkle has always given more credibility on diversifying content and experimentation through its unconventional methods and would thereby spark many hearts of young children and adults to grab a copy.