EDITORIAL | Will removing CMD & Power Minister solve MeECL financial mess?

 Laying blame and washing one’s hands of the mistakes and errors in management and policy-making committed over the years will not pull MeECL out of this financial mess.


The recent detection of several lapses in the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL) is enough to explain why the corporation is running into heavy losses. For years, this public sector undertaking (PSU) has been bleeding thanks to the “lack of sincerity” of a few selected officers and engineers.

Power theft and alleged mismanagement, inconsistent policies and agreements have ravaged the corporation financially. The detection of these lapses reflects the magnitude of the problem that requires serious introspection and retrospection.

Laying blame and washing one’s hands of the mistakes and errors in management and policy-making, committed over the years, will not pull MeECL out of this financial mess.

And the insistence of several organisations and political parties, including the MeECL employees’ unions for the removal of the Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD) and the Power Minister, also raises many suspicions as the timing was just perfect.

A year ago, the then CMD was forced to step down because of reasons best known to the people who demanded her removal. What is even suspicious is that the demand came after she reportedly detected some lapses in the functioning of the corporation.

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It’s déjà vu all over again! This time, they demanded the removal of the CMD and Power Minister after the present management managed to pull the skeleton out of the dirt-filled closet.

The demand for appointing an officer, not below the rank of Additional Chief Secretary as the CMD also lacks justification. Why? Because MeECL was not born yesterday.

It has been under the chairmanship of several officers of the additional chief secretary' and even the chief secretary's rank. Yet, MeECL continued to incur losses. 

Shouldn’t the status of a CMD be determined by his/her capability and efficiency and not by seniority? 

If he/she is doing their jobs and trying to fix the problems that the predecessors could not, then shouldn’t the so-called unions and organisations, who claim to be fighting for the welfare of the corporation, lend a helping hand?

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The unjustifiable comments and statements would only give rise to more suspicion. The aggressive attempts to “normalise” things give the impression that some people do not want secrets to be revealed and wish to project MeECL as a mysterious public utility with mysterious deals.

Then again, let us not overlook the political angle. If we look at this issue, political instigation and motivation are apparent. The fact that they dragged the issue on reflects the involvement of politics while consumers suffer.

The unions want an independent probe into the allegations of corruption and mismanagement, so does the MeECL management. Where is the confusion? To a layman, this lack of communication and constant blame game would only complicate the issue rather than solving it.

So, leaders of all groups, irrespective of their political allegiances, should come together, think of a solution and rescue MeECL before it is too late.