Manipur: NSCN (IM) attack on Ibobi Singh will suit the Chief Minister while embarrassing the Centre


The attack on Ibobi Singh the Manipur Chief Minister by alleged NSCN(IM) militants on route to Ukhrul where two Manipur Rifle jawans were injured is a growing testimony of the divide within the state.

Many opponents of Ibobi Singh will see this not as an attack on a Chief Minister who has failed to develop the state but as an attack on a Meitei by a Thangkul Naga group which is in talks with Centre to divide the historic kingdom of Manipur.

This attack on  Ibobi Singh will also show sharp polarization between different ethnic group in the state and it would be interesting to see the reaction of Kuki leaders who are equally opposed to  Meitei's as well as the Tangkhuls.

The situation in the state before elections are charged and the recent statement by Chief Minister of Nagaland TR Zeiliang on Manipur's territory had further fuelled tensions between the valley and the hills.

The reaction of Valley dominated parties including the newly formed PRJA led by Irom Sharmilla (Who incidentally will fight Ibobi in the assembly elections) will be worth obseriving.

The BJP which is in a tricky position as it is seen successfully conducting talks with Muivah led NSCN while also  trying to balance the situation in the state of Manipur where observers are saying they have a good chance of forming the government.

The attack on Ibobi Singh eventually by NSCN will benifit only one person at the helm of affairs which is the Chief Minister himself.While it is impossible to even suggest that he could have orchestrated this attack upon himself  , it is surely believable that his attempt on his life will only work to his favour.

NSCN(IM) may have just pulled a trigger which could backfire on them as well as many stake holders and that includes the BJP led Centre which would be now wary of a group which is seen as belligerent and provocative


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