Manipur: Earthquake Aftermath athletes leave unsafe SAI buildings


The effects of the Earthquake in Manipur is still being felt in the valley with SAI complex hostels suffering cracks during the January 4 earthquake, forcing most of the hostellers, largely women, to leave for their homes as the buildings were deemed unsafe.

The Imphal centre of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) today bears a  deserted look as most of the athletes have abandoned the complex on amid fears of the earthquake-damaged buildings collapsing on them.

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The Earthquakes in Manipur was of 6.7 at the richter scale and there were many loss of life and property .The however have claimed that they have restarted the repair work .

Several sportspersons who were quoted on condition of anonymity a leading national website that , "the cracks are covered with some wire mesh,nails and iron rods for plastering. This is not the system since in case of another earthquake there will be casualties among us".

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The complex was constructed in 2010 ahead of the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

All business activities at the Thangal market in Imphal town have also come to a standstill.

Shop owners occupying some portions of Thangal road called a 12-hour general strike on Friday from in protest against the construction of a temporary market in front of their shops, on either side of the busy road, to accommodate hundreds of women vendors.

Even the  women vendors refused to enter the damaged marketing complexes at  famous Ima market and the state government has built a temporary market on the pavements of Thangal road to accommodate them.

Manipur which leads the northeast in Sporting activities and also  the nation will surely be hampered in their endeavour