LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: The horrors of journeying home by a cab in Shillong

Dated: October 7, 2017


The Editor

TNT- The Northeast Today

Respected Sir/Madam

With the increasing number of vehicles in Shillong and the growing fleet of cabs in the city, I would like to throw my weight on the issue from Madanryting to Laitkor or Smit and other areas. What is strange is when you hop in for a ride from Madanryting you might have to ask for a Sphygmomanometer(an instrument for measuring blood pressure). The total capacity of a Taxi seating of Maruti 800 is five including the driver but in this case I have witnessed including myself when taking the ride, the front passenger area is packed like a sack of potatoes, they try shoving in as many as four! and the back area which makes you throw up by the time you exit the taxi.
When confronted many times, the driver of the cab would normally say that because of heavy traffic they are not able to earn money hence the need for cramming up of passengers. It can be understood that everyone needs to feed their family but not at the cost of killing a passenger and the driver himself struggling to drive the taxi.
I would like the traffic management manning the areas around Madanryting and the Association concerned to take necessary steps in adhering to basic rules and to stop harassing through these means.
Yours faithfully
Christopher Gatphoh
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