LETTERS TO THE EDITOR- Shillong Bank horror: Customer relations etiquette thrown out of the window!


Dated- 18 October 2017


The Editor

TNT- The Northeast Today

Dear Editor,

Many years ago I came across an article in my school magazine (St Edmund's) 'Good manners makes a man.' I would have been glad to circulate this in many schools, colleges, universities, offices and especially banks!

Recently I dropped by the Indian Overseas Bank to withdraw a cheque sent by my uncle who resides in Australia as he needed me to post a Garo Bible to the United Kingdom. On reaching the bank, I approached a friend who directed me to another person. On going through the cheque he said that the account has been dormant and a KYC compliance should be completed which I understand is mandatory. This person directed me to a senior, after which the cheque issue started to snowball into a crisis as soon as a lady (which presumably is the second in charge) vented her frustration saying, "Where is this person? Why did he open a savings account? They started going through the records which I felt was like a criminal being investigated. Then she started saying, 'Please look into other means of getting the money'. My reply was that there was no problem in getting money but questioned her if was this the way to approach a customer? Where have they left their managerial skills or is educational qualifications the means to getting a perfect job.

Through this letter, I would like the Indian Overseas Bank to make way for a customer redressal cell and I hope that this type of incident will never be repeated in the future or else all customers will end up in a bad nightmare.


An aggrieved customer 

(Name with held on request)

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