LETTERS TO THE EDITOR- Has Guwahati become a sports magnet of Northeast India?

Dated: October 12, 2017
The Editor
TNT- the Northeast Today
Respected Editor,
From hosting the FIFA U-17 to India-Australia T20 series, Guwahati is seen as the major attraction for sports events. The last time was during the 12th South Asian Games. An article published recently,  Can Assam become India's sports hub? The overall sports scene of the region, it was mentioned that 'Assam and Manipur have synthetic athletic tracks for all-weather competitions. These states have good number of sponsorships from corporate giants and other public sector-undertakings which help in promoting physical education and sports in the region. Children are motivated to participate in sports from a young age and the general opinion of the people here is that physical education should be implemented as a compulsory part of school and college curriculums.'
This just brings to light how this major part of India in the east can bring more towards the upliftment of sports in India. We have always been a cricketing nation and I am not sentencing this sports to oblivion but other international events such as Olympics we need a pool of talent from every state of India, screening only the very best and putting more resources for them. Waiting for another four years to participate is just like an election which is held every five years.
Nevertheless, Northeast India in general is becoming a major sporting destination for every sport and it is high time that various state governments look into this area for employment generation.
Christopher Gatphoh
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