LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Guwahati to Kolkata, FIFA U-17 venue change a shame for Assam?

Date: October 24, 2017
The Editor
TNT- The Northeast Today
Respected Editor,
Strange as it seems but the shift in venue from Guwahati to Kolkata for the FIFA World cup venue seems like a well staged plan. Northeast India has always brought out the best in terms of sportspersons, from boxing to football, Mary Kom to Eugeneson Lyngdoh the map has certainly changed.
The Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium was severely affected during the quarterfinal match between Ghana and Mali which was played under incessant rain. If the rain gods have affected the Northeast it did not even spare the eastern coast(Kolkata) as the cyclonic depression circulated within the Bay of Bengal.
People in general from Kolkata have always loved football alongwith Rosgullas, but this major shift has created chaos with spectators losing their money which they have shelled out for tickets and the match.
Whatever the reason but this move by the authorities in the future should be taken as a lesson for all that politics in sports will never end. Moreover, this has come as a shame for Assam as even after spending Rs. 4.89 crores for the renovation of the stadium, the ground seems to have become soggy and unfit for players.
Yours faithfully,
RR Borthakur