LETTERS TO THE EDITOR- Frequent power shutdowns in Laitkor a menace


Dated: October 20, 2017


The Editor

TNT- The Northeast Today

Respected Editor,

Meghalaya state government agreed to take over the Rs 125 crore debt of MePDCL to pave way for the signing of a tripartite agreement for availing the Centre's funds to create an overall turn-around of MePDCL.

The monsoon this year in the region has been fairly reasonable with a good amount of rainfall but a very sad plight in and around Laitkor are the frequent power cuts happening over the last few weeks. On calling the person in charge of the area, the answer as usual, 'Still fixing the main line.' There will be fluctuations, breakage and overloading at times but at this unacceptable rate.

I do not want to dig into the problems which are there for the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited. They are more experienced to handle the problems but issues like this which occurs every single day is just annoying. I hope the concerned office and senior staff will look into the matter and resolve it at the earliest before we plunge into darkness.

Yours faithfully, 

S R Kanwar