LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Elections 2018- Can it bring ‘Change’ in Meghalaya?

Date: January 30, 2018
The Editor
TNT- The Northeast Today
Respected Sir/Ma'am
I would like  to appreciate experts from different fields who have written their opinions on  the upcoming elections in Meghalaya on  The Shillong Times column and whether they could bring changes in  the corrupt ridden state.
The much awaited announcement was made by  the Election Commission of India recently on declaring  the polling dates for Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland. Charity begins at home and Meghalaya has a lot of homework  to do. On  the 21st January 2018, Meghalaya celebrated its 46th statehood day but do we have time  to ponder over  the sectors such as education, health, electricity etc… which are just going down?
Our financial condition is not even ailing and  the state did raise  the pay structure of its employees. Do they really deserve when  the government is in ruins. Witnessing party changes and jumping from one place  to another seems  to be just what our local MLAs are just doing. There are many parts of  the city where water is wasted, pipes leaked and that too when government offices which are allocated  to look after for that specific purpose, quarters are located nearby.

Five years and another five years- where is the correct blueprint and mindset? To make our government a better one, I would advise our seat loving politicians to read 'Political Order and Political Decay,' by Francis Fukuyama.

As every political party party speaks about 'Change', the only thing that seems to be changing are the political parties in power and their manifestos!
Yours faithfully,
C .L Gatphoh