LETTERS | A graduate's nightmare: Meghalaya's window of no opportunities



Having graduated, I'm still tied between job applications and considering whether to take a break this year before diving into the employment phase of my life.

While that is my problem, I'm still caught in utter shock at the window period given in certain job posts/ advertisements - the ones published in newspapers a day before, specifying the last date of submission of an application to be the very next day! That's hardly 24 hours, and these job applications require documents that may take a day or more to assemble for a mistake-free submission.

The unfortunate part of this cycle within the State of Meghalaya is that the common assumption of these job applications becoming a mere formality holds true.

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While my future can dwindle in the hands of the authorities who put up one-day window period for employment applications, I still have to ask - why is this still happening within the State's public job sectors and why isn't something being done already?

I might already have the answer and it's the same one I've been warned against for some time now (even when I'm writing this) - but with the employment situation like this, I've got nothing to lose when I call out on a few big wrongs!

By Kathie Decruse



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