Kokrajhar Violence:Insensitive,Misleading headlines in National daily wrongly targets Bodo Community


In what is a clear case of insensitive and misleading headline  a major newspaper has termed the violence in Kokrajhar and alluded it as 'Bodo' Terror.

The headline in the front page shockingly read 14 Dead as Bodo Men Target Assam Market.

You can see this for your self in this picture

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The article however it must be stated is not what the writer who covered this unfortunate event had written and the journalists displeasure was quite apparent when he posted this on his Facebook  post

Prabir Kumar Talukdar , the journalist who wrote this story posted

'In the most unfortunate way, The Hindu published my story on yesterday's brutal attack in Kokrajhar and carried the headline in the Front Page as "14 dead as Bodo men target Assam market".
This is a serious blunder by The Hindu's editorial board as militants are just people who know no caste, creed, tribe, sex. Prefixing them with the name of a tribe(BODO) is a grave insult to the people who have suffered enough in the atrocious hand of these insurgents. And more so, when the involvement of any insurgents groups is yet to be established'.

Over the last few years there have been serious accusations by many journalists from northeast that major national newspapers do not do the proper homework before they print or edit stories from the region in their publication.