Know better about the ‘No Detention Policy’ and why it should not be implemented


As per the No Detention Policy, no student up to class VIII can be failed or expelled from school. All the students up till Class VIII will automatically be promoted to next class. The policy was introduced under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). It is a process of assessment under the Right to Education Act of India.

According to the Subramanian committee constituted by the government to originate New Education Policy, all students should pass till class V. Experts believes that once it is implemented, it will leave a negative impact on the education policy. Some of the reasons why the 'no detention policy' should not be applied in schools are as follows:

1. Negative impact on standard of education: Most of the schools in interior places are running without any teachers. Hence, if the 'no detention policy' started, it will leave a negative impact on the standard of education and forced the children to face more harsh future.

2. Problem in job sector: Nowadays, a person must have the qualification of class 8 to 12 depending upon the need of theorganization. If a man gets a job in any organization, who studied till class 8 without gathering much knowledge due to this policy, it will affect the work culture of the organization.

3. Teachers will relax: If the policy is implemented, then the Education Department will never think even in dream to revamp itself and the teachers would not take the headache to ensure a good education to the children.

4. Dark future of students: Students coming from poor economic background would face problem in their coming life because of no good education in the schools.

5. Will increase dowry system: The girls especially will face major problem if not getting proper education in the schools. In many villages, where the girls are married off at an early age are undergoing torture in their in-laws for dowry. If she gets proper education in school, it will enable her family to negotiate the dowry.

6. Zero academic outcomes: If no merit is checked while giving promotion to another class, the children will never learn the importance of studying and acquiring knowledge. It will lead to poor academic outcome in classes.

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