KJCF: Transforming words into actions


SHILLONG: The Dalai Lama once said—"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others" and only few individuals and groups takes the effort to transform these words into actions. One such group is called the Khasi Jaintia Christian Fellowship based in Bangalore who took it upon themselves the duty and responsibility to provide a home away from home experience to the students of the state, who are pursuing their studies in a land far away from home.

Bangalore, the IT hub of India is a place that embrace all types of people regardless of caste, creed, sex, religion or nationality. Thousands flock to the city in search of jobs but more so, for the best places of learning to secure a career for themselves.

And students of Meghalaya are no strangers in this land. In a rush to attain a seat in one of the colleges and universities in Bangalore, it was however, learnt that there are some students who are being misled into places of learning that do not give them a run for their parents' hard-earned money.

This is where the Khasi Jaintia Christian Fellowship, Bangalore steps in. Though not tied up with any educational institute, the KJCF simply serves as a career guidance centre by offering its help and guidance to all aspiring students and their parents in their search for a genuine place of study so as to avoid any sort of misguidance or problems that may hamper their career in the future.

Highlighting on the objective of the fellowship, adviser of KJCF Bangalore, Shepherd Diengdoh observed that there are many students from Meghalaya who come to Bangalore to pursue their studies but many of them may not be aware of the right and genuineness of the colleges or universities that they have applied for in Bangalore.

"The objective of the KJCF is to advice the students and parents so that they are not misled by colleges or university promises," he said adding that the members who advice these students are professionals and highly equipped.

In terms of money, Shepherd said that there are parents who shells large amount of money in terms of advance and there are some who ends up in the wrong side.

In its pursuit for providing better service to man, the KJFC whose foundation is based on truth and selflessness, works towards the betterment of the society by providing better awareness to the students and parents.

Educational Fairs and Promotions occur many times a year to help students choose institutes that offer the kind of education they're looking for. For this very same reason, Bangalore has attracted students to the best of institutions that have made their existence felt not only in India but internationally as well.

"We take it upon ourselves to ensure that the students from the state are provided with the home away from home experience," Shepherd said adding that their initiative is to enable greater awareness to the students and working community.

"We try out best to spread awareness to the students and help them make the right choices as well as to cater to individuals who pursue for work related opportunity in Bangalore.

The biblical quote "Service to Man is service to God" has indeed been interpreted in the correct sense by individuals and groups like KJCF whose intentions are to render support and guidance to the people, who otherwise would have been fooled by unscrupulous and doubtful educational institutions.

 (By Ibankyntiew Mawrie)

(photo: KJCF member-Shepherd Diengdoh)