Kiren Rijiju :Nostradamus Predicted Modi will become a World Leader


The BJP has always accused Congress of being sycophant towards the Gandhi Family and have taken pride in the fact that they are beyond cult worship of any individual .

But if reports from this India Today story is to be believed then it seems like the bug of sycophancy has bitten the saffron brigade as well .It also maybe mentioned that Venkaiah Naidu the senior NDA cabinet minister had allegedly said that Modi was like a god a few days earlier.

In a Facebook post Kiren Rijiju the Minister of State for Home has said that the great Nostradamus predicted the rise of the Modi Led Government in the centre.

We let you judge if this is absurd or an factual interpretation of the prophecy of Nostradamus by Kiran Rijiju who is seen as the face of the Northeast in the current ministry .

"This was predicted in the year 1555. A middle aged superpower administrator will bring golden age not only in India but on the entire world. Under his leadership India will not only just become the Global Master, but many countries will also come into the shelter of India," the post says.

To back his claim, Rijiju also seemed to have endorsed the arithmetic of the current Lok Sabha and how all the numbers add up to 13. "AMAZING FACTS!!!" he exclaimed.

Here is his trivia:(Source India Today)

In Current Lok Sabha

BJP – 283 Seats 2+8+3 = 13
NDA – 337 Seats 3+3+7 = 13
UPA – 58 Seats 5+8 = 13
Others-148 Seats 1+4+8 = 13