Kangana Ranaut Bowled over by Andrea Tariang’s performance in Pink


Andrea Tariang is the toast of the town for everyone in Shillong and the rest of the Northeast these days ,coming from a well known family (Her father Rudy Wallang is a well respected music artist apart from her uncle Brian Wallang who runs a prestigious school in the city and Jeremy Wallang who was an accomplished football player in his hey days)was not enough for this young woman and she has gone on to carve her own niche in the Indian Film Industry .

Many people who attended the screening of her debut film Pink are raving about her performance and this is a huge boost for other actors who are from the Northeast.

Andrea with Producer Ronnie Lahiri who studied in Shillong

The Indian Film industry is evolving and now there is a genuine scope for actors to get role and scripts for actors from the Northeast says Producer Ronnie Lahiri ,who himself studied in Shillong at the St Edmunds School in the late 80's and 90's .

Andrea Tariang for her part has won a host of admirers and among them is the Queen star and one of the finest talents in Bollywood Kangana Ranaut .

Apparently she was so taken aback by Andrea's acting skills in the movie that she had this to say …..

Pink will release on the 16th of September worldwide and for many actors who have a dream to get somewhere in the Indian Film Industry , Andrea Tariang will be a prime example to emulate.She has broken barriers in the film industry without having any godfathers and this is indeed a first for anyone from the region.