Its official that Girl who was molested in Bangalore by 2 bikers is from Northeast


It has been confirmed that the girl who was captured in a horrific CCTV Footage being molested by two men in a bike in Bangalore is from Northeast .Many from the region were fearing after watching the CCTV Footage that the lady in question appeared to be from the region and this fact has been confirmed by the Bangalore police.The area where this incident occurred has a mix of people from the northeast as well as people from middle eastern countries.

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This however is being treated as a crime against a woman and not in terms of ethnic profiling or racism as many may like to term this and sensationalise this incident .

As reported there were incidents reported from different parts of the city that women were being groped and mishandled by many drunk new year party revellers.

Bangalore which was often considered safe for people from Northeast has over the years seen a gradual rise towards people from the region,be it the entire SMS exodus or students from Manipur and Nagaland being beaten for not speaking Kannada.

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Police said the victim, a student, shared a room with her friend who is also from the north east at a house on the street where the crime occurred. The two room mates were returning from a New Year party when the incident occurred. Sources said the victim's friend hurried away from the autorickshaw to the room leaving her friend alone as she was not feeling too well.

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The youth who attacked the victim initially approached her in the guise of wishing her for the New Year. He later molested her. Police have registered a case of attempt to rape, molestation and robbery against the two youths actively involved in the incident and five other passive participants.

This incident has caused an outrage nationwide and many have questioned he safety of women in the country and the apathy of administration towards it