It’s BJP vrs Congress over ‘Beef Politics’ in Meghalaya


SHILLONG, June 1: Allegations and counter allegations has become the order of the day in Meghalaya as the two national political parties—BJP and Congress continues to throw punches  at each other over 'Beef-politics'.

While the BJP has flayed the Congress party for spreading false rumours and blowing the cattle trade ban out of proportion, the Congress on the other hand, rebutted stating that the saffron party is merely trying to whitewash the issue.

It may be reminded that BJP national spokesperson and Meghalaya in-charge Nalin Kohli on Wednesday has said that the 'dirty trick department' of the congress is adopting a strategy of 'spit and run' by using social media and putting a deliberated false and fabricated rumour that affects the communal balance of Meghalaya in the entire beef-ban issue while there is no ban on beef and that nowhere in the notification is the word cow slaughter or beef ban mentioned.

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Coming clean on its intentions, the state Congress countered the BJP accusing it of politicising the issue adding that it affects the livelihood of the people of the state and dared them to revert the notification if they stand true to their mantra of 'Sab Ka Saath and Sab Ka Vikas'.

"What false propaganda? People are educated, they know it all. Why are you trying to whitewash all this issue? They cannot blame congress or anybody but need to take responsibility as to why do they have to take such strong regulations," rebutted Cabinet Minister and Congress legislator, Prestone Tynsong on Wednesday.

The congress minister further dared the BJP by stating that if the BJP is for the people and believes in progress as they often claim then they should understand the mood of the people and undo the ban.

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"If you (BJP) are sincere then do not politicise the issue but listen to the people and revert the notification," Tynsong said.

Countering the allegations of Kohli, Tynsong said, "Don't blame others. These rules are stringent and are inserted regulations which is affecting the livelihood of the people. BJP should review and revisit on whether it is right or wrong to put so many clauses which are very stringent".

On Kohli's clarification on the ban, Tynsong said, "I am not saying beef ban but it leads to banning only ultimately and the way they inserted the clauses and rules is very dangerous. It never happened all these years why is it happening today".

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Pointing out that the ban will affect the state and people's livelihood directly, Tynsong said, "He should not play politics. It is for the welfare of the people and the nation as a whole, not only Meghalaya and it is directly affecting us because it is our livelihood".

"We eat beef since childhood and we are healthy. These regulations only means that BJP wants to ban beef," he added.

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