Its almost farewell time for Arunachal Pradesh Governor JP Rajhkowa


The most famous Governor perhaps in the year 2015 and 16 has been His Excellency JP Rajkhowa and sadly in almost all occasions for the wrong reasons.

First it was the suggestion of the Governor of Arunachal to propose an airport in Assam, which drew the ire of many in the state as many alleged a bias from the excellency to his home state .

Then his run ins with the then Chief Minister Nabam Tuki and his now infamous confrontation with the cabinet which was shown widely in the media.

Finally the Supreme Court verdict seems to have sealed the fate of the Governor or atleast that is what it seems for the time being.

Speaking at a television channel JP Rajkhowa admitted that "I do not have a single blot in my long career in the government. The government must have appointed me as Governor on the basis of my spotless track record. I feel very humiliated. It was a bolt from the blue,"  .

The governor of Arunachal was referring to a conversation he had with a private individual who is seen to be close to the centre where it is being alleged that this individual conveyed the message to Rajkhowa to resign.

Rajkhowa also said that he immediately called up Home Minister Rajnath Singh who denied any knowledge over the development but another minister at the Centre, he called him back on August 30 and said that a decision had been taking at a higher level for Rajkhowa to resign on health grounds.

The Governor also said that  he had fully recovered from the  illness and was discharging his duties after complete recovery.

But someone needs to remind the Governor that resignation on the health grounds would still ensure a graceful exit for the former Chief Secretary of Assam rather than a humiliating dismissal by the president.

For the Time being though Rajkhowa is standing firm and willing to fight it out  saying that "Even a fourth grade employee of the government has to be given in writing if the government wants him or her to resign or even go on leave. I am a Governor, and this a Constitutional post,"

Time will tell who will blink but for the moment it does look like the Raj Bhawan may have a new entrant in Itanagar