Irom Sharmila to float new party called PRJA amidst cry to change politics in Manipur


After years of hunger strike when Irom Sharmila decided to form her political party there were murmurs if that would eventually happen .After all these years of political indifference (She refused the AAP ticket to contest elections ) critics ad supporters were not sure if she could sustain a political party, leave alone contest in various constituencies of the state.

Manipur is a far more complexed state than most of the state in the region and for Irom Sharmilla the political test would be perhaps bigger than even her years of activism .

Come 18th of October Irom Sharmila will launch her own political party and it has come through reliable sources that her party will be known as "Peoples Resurgence and Justice Alliance" or PRJA for short.

Irom Sharmila at Impact TV Studio with Impact News Employees

She has already started meeting aspiring candidates and will chose them shortly says a close aide of Irom Sharmila .It is not known if Irom Sharmila's former aides like Babloo Loitongbam would be present in support of her political campaign.

Eyes are also on Desmond Coutinho , the alleged boyfriend of Irom Sharmilla whom many in Manipur are accusing of misleading her .