IN PICTURES>> The story of ‘Blooming city Shillong’ from the beholder’s eye!


July 10, 2017: Shillong, the capital town of Meghalaya, often known as the 'Pine city' has a charm that does not fail to enchant and bewitch its inhabitants. Where greenery and beauty is, but a natural phenomena, the town holds a different ambiance when in full bloom. Below are some clicks by Hrista Deb Barman, an intern with TNT-The Northeast Today, a visual treat to soothe your senses.

The story of Blooming city-Shillong:

As the observer walks by the merry streets of Shillong on a rainy June month, the sight of blooming wild flowers takes her breath away!

The Pine city, with its bewitching charm provides a moment of serenity to the pedestrians' eye while they pause in awe of the beauty around them.

Nature has its own way of enchanting the soul that stands arrested in the red and green hanging gardens in and around the town.

It is as if the wizard (Shillong) may have cast a spell upon the onlooker.

As one moves ahead in wonder and amazement as to how has the same been retained untouched and unharmed, more treat to the eyes is yet to arrive.

The sight is not one to see and forget but one to observe and learn from- sometimes like the flowers on a bunch of stems, spreading the joy together as if their only mission was to spread joy. And at other times, like the lone pink bloom below, who does not care where it is planted, it will bloom nonetheless, thereby beautifying the place. 

From the red sleek beauties below-

To the bright appealing flowers along the pathways,

Even a lonely traveler can seem to seek respite from the view of blooming Shillong city that, like the lotus below who floats alone, is yet beautiful so as to command a capture from the onlooker.

And as the beholder leaves the town with a happy heart and soul, the flowers strew themselves upon his path, as if to say: "You Will Never Walk Alone"

This is the beauty of the 'Pine City', when in full Bloom!

-Picture Courtesy:  Hrista Debbarman

-Words by Shweta Raj Kanwar

NOTE: The above pictures are a part of Hrista Debbarman's one month internship training programme with TNT-The Northeast Today News. Hrista is a student of BASS (Bachelors' in Social Sciences) 2nd Semester from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Guwahati