IN PICTURES: Is Diwali really for everyone?


Diwali is just round the corner and it's the same old thing, well at least for the animals. With crackers exploding everywhere, you can see the animals trembling, cowering in a corner or the dogs barking at the very sight and sound of crackers.

Here are some picture that'll make us understand the pain animals go through during Diwali or any other festivals that includes firework.

Hiding under the table as the fireworks starts.

An injured dog at the vet after some thugs tied crackers to its tail for their amusement.

It is not uncommon for a cat to be afraid of loud noises, especially thunder and fireworks and they usually display by hiding.

This pony was left starving and tied to a post near a firework display by its cruel owner.

Dogs are very sensitive to noise. They can feel, hear, smell and sense things much better than a human can and those loud booms, flashes of light and in the case of fireworks, the smell of gun powder, can be very intense for a dog.

Thugs taped this dog's mouth shut around around the firework which severely injured it.

Dog cowering in the corner under the table when it hears the sound of crackers outside.