Himanta Biswa Sarma – The man behind the turbulence of Congress in Northeast India


For years he was the trouble shooter for the Congress and the point person for the grand old party,then the arrival of Tarun Gogoi's son from New York changed things for him.

Himanta Biswa Sarma , the once blue eyed boy of Tarun Gogoi had a public falling out with the octogenarian former CM after he realised that he was not in the running for the Chief Minister of a party he had served loyally for 23 years.

The recent events in Arunachal has a classic stamp of HBS says his former Congress colleagues and they are worried that he will use his influence and connect with the Congress to ensure more trouble for the party in the Northeast.

'He is in touch with all his former party members' says one Congress member adding that 'he has always maintained his relationship and will wait for the right moment to break the congress in other states'

Take the case of Nyamar Karbak ,MLA  from Arunachal ,he was in charge of Assam as youth congress and it was then when HBS protege Pijush Hazrika was appointed as APYC president.Nyamar did not leave the party when Pul was CM and remained with Tuki as Kalikho pul was seen as a Kiren Rijiju's choice.

This time around HBS used his old connect with the MLA to join PPA 'His message was clear,I will help you if you are loyal to me' says one political observer.

HBS anger for being not recognised as a potential leader in the Congress has hurt the party .Assam was the precursor and it looks like after Arunachal ,Meghalaya maybe next in line .

We all can speculate who are HBS friends in Meghalaya and how as a Congressman he orchestrated the PA Sangma led government downfall in 2009.

Mukul Sangma may not be smiling at his immediate neighbour in Assam but many within the congress are already looking at HBS to spin some more venom at the party where he could have been a King till a prince turned him down.