Extraordinarily skilled Sikkimese boy an inspiration for many


Bikram Bhattarai, a ten-year-old boy from Sikkim, born as differently abled didn't stop him to touch heights and has become an inspiration for many due to his extraordinary skills.

Recently, Bikram won a national level painting competition organized by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force in Kolkata. He was born without hands, but learned to paint, eat and write using his feet.

A winner of the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement, Bikram has keen interest in painting, computer and writing.

"I do not feel sad and I am satisfied with what I am today. I have learned from my sister Anjali, I used to notice her when she used to read and write. Even my teacher helped me in learning," said Bhattarai

The young prodigy, who transformed himself through sheer grit and hard work, aspires to become a doctor. "He faced many problems because he doesn't have both hands and it was very difficult for him to move. Even his grandmother, mother and sister had a difficult time managing the situation. He learned from his sister how to write. His teacher told me that though it was difficult but the child is very good in studies," said Narapati Bhattrai, Bikram's Father

Bikram did not let his dreams succumb to difficulties but rather used them as a ladder to reach his goals with hard work and perseverance.

(Source: ANI)