EDITORIAL | US Capitol Siege: Is America’s democracy under threat?



Is America’s democracy under threat? The storming of the US Capitol by pro-Trump supporters on Wednesday afternoon is an assault on the “citadel of Liberty,” as US President-elect Joe Biden aptly termed it.

A pro-Trump mob breached the US Capitol building in Washington DC on Wednesday afternoon, leading to clashes with law enforcement and halting Senate proceedings as Congress voted to certify Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

The violence left four people dead and, so far, police have arrested 52 protestors who violently occupied the US Capitol.

The siege on the US Capitol resulted from months of dissent and discord amongst pro-Trump supporters in the US coupled with Donald Trump’s relentless assault on the presidential election.

Showdown before the transfer of power!

It was quite clear that Trump would not step down without an ultimate display of “unruly” moves but, the violence that broke out at the US Capitol was least expected since it was an unprecedented assault, unlike anything America has seen in modern times.

The series of episodes starting from poll preparation to the presidential elections, counting of votes and announcement of results were filled with drama, tension and heightened emotions, the climax of which can be referred to the moment when a few of the key states were left to determine the fate of America.

The events that followed Joe Biden being named President-elect and Kamala Harris, Vice President-elect, can be looked at as Trump’s desperate attempt to prevent the transfer of power.

Though Trump had called for peace following the US Capitol siege, his unfiltered and provocative tweets and comments are enough to add fuel to the fire. And the decision to suspend his Facebook and Twitter accounts was expected.

According to latest reports, the Capitol is secure, but the chaos hasn’t receded and, with the building secured, Congress returned to the Electoral College debate to certify the 2020 election results.

A breach of democracy

This day will be remembered in the history of America as the day when democracy came under attack and when anarchy shook the pillars of liberty, also marking the end of Trump era and the rise of the Biden’s in America.


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