Editorial | As we move on to a new Chapter



Adios 2020 and welcome 2021!

As we enter the new year, it would do us a great deal of good to remind ourselves that the past is now behind us.

Therefore, let us look forward to a new beginning and resolve to not repeat the mistakes we made.

People are now pinning their hopes on experts to come up with proper vaccinations to the pandemic that has claimed so many lives across the world.

With that said, as 2021 kicks in, the dry run for the COVID-19 vaccination programme is finally underway in states and union territories across the country.

The statement made by Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on Saturday, as per ANI, that the government would provide the COVID-19 vaccine to all Indian citizens free of cost, has come as an enormous relief especially to the poor.

Assam is one of the four states (Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Punjab) in the country that led the COVID-19 vaccine dry run since December 28.

Officials also stated that the dry run for the COVID-19 vaccine would continue regularly across Assam till actual vaccination takes place.

The Health Ministry had also received feedback from the four states concerning the vaccination guidelines, and they conducted the dry run according to the new guidelines on December 2.

However, rumours have been doing the rounds of people experiencing health issues after being administered the vaccine - something which the Union Health Minister has denied.

Following this, Vardhan appealed to the people by stating that they should not let rumours misguide them.

We can only cling on to the hope that the vaccination drive runs smoothly and the vaccines prove effective to enable the citizens to look at COVID-19 as a thing of the past, much like contagious diseases like smallpox and measles.