EDITORIAL | 5G and COVID-19: Where do we draw the line?

News outlets to social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook were filled with all kinds of COVID-related news. 

In the past few days, we have heard people talking about the connection between the 5G and COVID-19 pandemic. There were also many controversial theories on the master plan implemented by a few high-profile individuals across the globe to reduce the global population. And COVID-19 was the way forward. 

Since December 2019 when the virus penetrated into our lives, it changed the overall landscape and thinking of every individual. Lockdowns to stress on health systems and economic chains have gone haywire. 

News outlets to social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook were filled with all kinds of COVID-related news. 

No sooner had the situation slightly improved in the country, there was utter mayhem after the second wave hit India and the slow rollout of the vaccination program is another killswitch. 

Following this, people have once again resorted to different strategies of conspiracy theories. 

Where do you draw the line then? Recently a message was shared on social media platforms, blaming the 5G connection for the COVID-19 and termed the pandemic as a result of a biological warfare, which might bring in the new world order. 

The lack of firm evidence on this can bring excellent systems under their knees; this is not Ripley’s Believe It or Not- it is life and death. 

Jim Marrs in his book -  ‘Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us’ stressed the way big corporate heads are ruining our lives through surveillance, deadly air, water and so on to choose only a perfect race for the world to occupy. 

To recall another latest revelation in an Australian news broadcast which suggested that the Chinese in 2015 thought on weaponising coronavirus. Do they all hold water? Maybe, or just for publicity’s sake. 

The world now is going on a tailspin, have and have-nots, leftist and rightists, capitalism and socialism. This is indeed dangerous because the common people do not know where to go and listen to.

What is really required is tough leadership, and this comes when the public is properly informed on correct decisions and choices.

Vaccination also is a choice, but that depends on the kind of leaders you have - be it political, religious, mainstream media, social activists or community-based. 

We cannot change anything now but move forward, knowing the mistakes of the past and learn each day to make it better and stronger for generations ahead.

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