Does Mary Kom really deserve a Rajya Sabha nomination?


A majority of people from the Northeast are ecstatic that Mary Kom has been nominated for the Rajya Sabha seat. But after the euphoria settles down, we all ask ourselves the question does she really deserve a Rajya Sabha nomination?

It seems to be trendy to give the nomination to sportspeople now but if somebody like Vijay Mallya who is now entangled in craziness can be a Member of Parliament then why is it so wrong for Mary Kom to be a part of the Rajya Sabha. It begs the question if the Rajya Sabha is just some formality of famous people doing lip service.

Vijay Mallya

I have nothing against Mary Kom. She is an amazing sportsperson but what exactly qualifies her to have such a big role in politics and governance. Although maybe she doesn't even want to be a part of the Rajya Sabha but with the Manipur elections coming up there may be more to this nomination than what meets the eye.

There seem to be a string of people nominated for the Rajya Sabha who literally do nothing with their seat. They don't show up to parliament (case and point Sachin Tendulkar) or even understand half the things that go on during proceedings.

Sachin Tendulkar

People like Rekha and Lata Mangeshwar are amazing in their fields of work but why would anyone think that they would be able to serve the country in governance?

Mary Kom has always stated that her focus is boxing and she wants to help the sport grow in the Northeast, but with the Rajya Sabha nomination what exactly will happen. One of the two will have to take a back seat and I would bet that boxing will play second to none.

Mary Kom

Maybe it's because Northeastern people are hardly ever nominated for a Rajya Sabha seat that we are so keen and happy that at least somebody has made it through. However, the number of people who have been overlooked is also a cause of concern. There are many people who have made huge sacrifices and made social impacts across the states who are probably lesser known and hence don't get the recognition they should but when we hear Mary Kom, we immediately feel a sense of pride for someone from the Northeast to receive not just national acclamation but also global recognition.

The Rajya Sabha seems to be a popularity contest of sorts where the most "happening" people make the list. Maybe it's time for people who want to be nominated to get a chance to prove themselves instead of springing the nomination on people like Mary Kom who did not even see it coming.

By Jessica Passah