Dipa Karmakar to return BMW gifted by Tendulkar cites bad roads in Tripura as one of the reason


Dipa Karmakar was supposed to be the first person to own a BMW in the state of Tripura or atleast that's what Sachin Tendulkar would like to believe it if he had his way .

But citing her inability to maintain such a posh car and the reluctance of  her family members to drive the car in a city like Agartala ,Dipa Karmakar has decided to return the car .

It is now known that she would ask for monetary compensation for the car in lieu of her returning the BMW which she was given for her 4th place finish at the Rio Olympics .

In the past many sportsperson have returned similar gifts in return for some hard cash as it is more practical for their day to day needs .

To add to her woes there is no BMW centre in Northeast leave alone Agartala which makes it even more difficult for her to maintain the vehicle .

Dipa is all set to return the luxury car to its original owner, the president of the Hyderabad Badminton Association (HBA), V Chamundeswaranath.

She has also cited poor and narrow road conditions in Tripura for her to move around in the luxurious BMW much to the grief of the Manik Sarkar led Communist government who have claimed that the roads under their government have been the best ever in the history of the state .

Dipa Karmakar father was quoted as saying "Roads in Tripura are not good enough to drive such a vehicle. There are no capable drivers in Agartala town to drive a BMW and the company has no showroom or service centre in the state,"