Did you Know – Milunka Savić,the forgotten heroine who fought WW1 disguised as a man


Milunka Savić was a Serbian war heroine who fought in the Balkan War and the WW1 ,she may be the most-decorated female combatant in the entire history of warfare.She was wounded no fewer than nine times during her service but never found recognition for much of her life.

In 1913, her brother received call-up papers for Mobilisation for the War. She chose to go in his place—cutting her hair and donning men's clothes and joining the army.She quickly saw combat and received her first medal and was promoted to Corporal .Engaged in battle, she sustained wounds and it was only then, when recovering from her injuries in hospital, that her true gender was revealed, much to the surprise of the attending physicians

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In the interwar period, Milunka was largely forgotten by the general public. She worked several menial jobs up to 1927, after which she had steady employment as a cleaning lady in the State Mortgage Bank.

In 1972, just a year before she died public pressure and a newspaper articles highlighting her difficult housing and financial situation led to her being given a small apartment by the Belgrade City Assembly.