Meghalaya:Congress needs to hold its flock together and not depend on Beef Parties to counter Modi

Modi will be making a huge statement by not just visiting Shillong but staying overnight in the city

After the visit of the Indian PM visit the social network was abuzz and there are people who are either welcoming the PM post his win in Assam or some who will organise the beef party to ensure the culinary taste of the people residing in the city .

The truth is teleprompter or extempo speeches  Narendra Modi did win the hearts of many Shillongites from different walks of life. A month later though while many may forget what the Prime Minister may have said in his speech they will remember that the district administration went on a overdrive to remove the potholes in the city and clean much of the garbage.

Many in the social media often take to sensation and rhetoric either to highlight the achievements of the NDA government in 2 years while on the opposing front  the Congress has highlighted exactly the opposite to state that insecurity and fear have increased amongst the christians and muslims in the country.

Ofcourse it does not Help the BJP when Mp's like Yogi Adityanath has utterances about Christianity and secessionism in the Northeast.

Vincent Pala payed a visit to newly elected Tura MP Conrad Sangma

And then there are  those who indulge in statements ranging from 'ghar wapsi to throwing a beef party ' as a symbolic protest .But therein lies the main question – are these activities just an eyewash for the bigger games which are being played at the backdrop of the Raj Bhawan.

'Remember' as one BJP member from Shillong aptly summed it up 'we have made inroads in Christian areas in Assam as well and not to forget Kerela,both have a  beef eating culture in those part' adding  such efforts are mere attention grabbing headlines , a common man relies on employment and development not such rhetoric.

Assam has fallen and while Arunachal Pradesh may have come to the BJP , the saffron party will be wary of their recent Uttarakhand fiasco where the court verdict came as an huge embarrassment to them.Any dissension to Mukul Sangma will first have to orchestrate from within the Congress and if the leadership plays deaf to these activities we can presume almost 10 MLA's leaving the party (most likely not to join the BJP but form another party -ironically with the congress past they may even call themselves Meghalaya progressive Congress).

Lapang has met Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi on the trouble within the congress in the state recently

Riled with its own problem the Congress is likely to cede space to the BJP in the coming days but the regional parties need not be happy in the long term.If only they study the trends of what has happened in other parts of India ,the BJP initially takes help of the regional outfits to get their foothold in the states only to make them a smaller partner in the coming years 'Remember Shiva Sena and closer to home AGP from Assam, a decade ago they were the big brothers while BJP was a smaller partner.

HBS has earlier played a crucial rule in destabilising the govts in Meghalaya in favour of the congress-tables now have turned

Time will tell and lets not forget along with the CM another leader will be accompanying him ,Himanta Biswa Sarma , the new convenor of  North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA),the umbrella body which aims to work with all non congress ruled states and yes opposition.

there were protest against amit shah's visit last year but then nothing after the RSS rally earlier this year

Of course to those who hope to stop the BJP Juggernaut in the state will hope that the Congress has a better plan rather than depend on (after Arunachal and Assam) expecting anti Amit Shah and Narendra Modi elements throwing some beef party because it is not just the poor cow's neck on the line but the whole state government .