Columbia University scientist warn that an earthquake of a magnitude 8.2 and 9 could hit Northeast anytime


In a news which may not be shocking to many but still a terrible thought researchers from the prestigious Columbia university have said that an earthquake of a magnitude 8.2 and 9 may hit parts of Northeast India and Bangladesh anytime .

The newly identified threat is the result of 13 years of surface monitoring in the region, which is where the Indian and Sunda tectonic plates meet. After using ground and satellite GPS monitors to measure surface activity between 2003 and 2013, an international team of researchers has shown that parts of Northeast India and Bangladesh is actually sitting on a huge subduction zone – which means the Indian plate is actually thrusting underneath the Sunda plate at a rate of 17 millimetres (two-thirds of an inch) a year.

The Assam Earthquake in 1897 and then 1950 are one of the worst recorded earthquakes in the History of Mankind.However this time around loss of property and lives is estimated to be much more .

Scientists in the region are now trying to determine the eventuality of the quakes and is working with a team from New Mexico State University and are planning to deploy 70 seismometers across Myanmar next year.