CM Sarbananda Sonowal’s faux pas about Assam being the largest state in the NE


Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, in all good intention we are sure, recently tweeted "Assam being the largest state of the NE…"

This leads us to believe one of the two things, either Arunachal Pradesh (83,743 km² in area) has 'surrendered' some territory to its neighbour China making Assam (78,438 km² in area) the largest state in the Northeast; or that the Chief Minister's Twitter account is outsourced (not uncommon among politicians and celebrities these days) and being handled by someone not from the Northeast and hence, clueless.

We would hate to think it was reason number one. Or reason number three… that CM Sonowal actually believes that Assam is the largest state.

Given that CM Sonowal has but taken control of the state, incorrect claims like the one made are embarrassing and also seem a bit callous towards Arunachal Pradesh, an ally where "Congress mukt Bharat" is concerned. And while it may seem noble that Sarbanada Sonowal wants to make Assam the "biggest" state in the Northeast in terms of progress, development and stature, deriding its "sister" state isn't the way to go about it.

We can but hope that CM Sonowal educates the team that handles his Twitter account about the Northeast and works towards an "ignorance mukt Bharat" instead.