Bru Repatriation:Will the roadmap work as Mizoram government walks a fine line


MIZORAM: The much anticipated Roadmap V has been submitted by the Mizoram government to the Ministry of Home Affairs. The roadmap is a detailed plan from the repatriation of the Brus who migrated to Tripura and are now allegedly looking to go back to Mizoram. The proposal looks to repatriate over 27,000 Brus from six relief camps in North Tripura.

Last year, from June to September, efforts were made to repatriate Brus, however it proved a massive failure as not one Bru came forward. There have however been a number of Bru families who have returned to Mizoram on their own while most prefer to stay in Tripura.

The Bru problem has a long standing historical impact on the bru/reang population which are scattered in Mizoram and Tripura.The demand over the years by the Bru's that the Mizoram government recognize and treat them at par alongwith other communities mainly the Mizo's which are the dominant tribe in the state

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Over the years even the Chakma's have started showing growing resentment at the attitude of the Mizoram government be it the MNF or the Congress and there are growing murmurs for an Chakmaland.This demand has been tacitly supported by the BJP which is trying to get a foothold in this christian dominated state as most of the Chakma's and Bru's belong to non christian faith.

This repatriation roadmap is key to the Mizoram government as emotions from all sides can flow over and create a communal disharmony if the government is seen taking sides on this issue.

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