Bollywood stars and the Brand Ambassador Fiasco’s of Arunachal Pradesh


We all know that Cricket and Bollywood are the biggest brands in India and whenever a Celebrity endorses something it does grab eyeballs.From Tobacco to Soap to hair oil , stars have been endorsing products for tie immemorial .(Who can forget Gabbar Singh endorsing a biscuit company in the late 70's)

But atleast Gabbar was paid for this ad and made the brand popular .

Alas but in our very own Northeast this seems to have gone to another extreme (or another low).

The latest news is that John Abraham will be the brand ambassador for Arunachal Pradesh .While we don't question the commitment of the NEUFC owner previous precedence shows that such announcements have never yielded any results .

Arunachal Pradesh which has the unique distinction of being a state which actually changed the name of a lake after Madhuri Dixit (Something even her home state would not have ever dreamt of ) for singing a song there has been notorious of announcing 'Brand Ambassadors' every now and then .

Here are the list of Brand Ambassadors of Arunachal Pradesh who have done practically nothing for the state apart from making a few noises here and there – the reason most likely being that in Bollywood no commitment comes without Money being exchanged .

Here is the Hall of Fame when it comes to being Brand Ambassadors of Arunachal Pradesh

How can you Forget Vivek Oberoi – Yes that man who alleged that Salman Khan called him 41 times in a press conference .Today known for sex comedies ,we sure are glad he is not promoting the state of Arunachal Pradesh but in 2013 the then CM of Arunachal Pradesh Urged Vivek Oberoi to become the Brand Ambassador of the state.Something the actor immediately jumped upon-cosndering he has nothing much to do these days

Arjun Rampal is a well known model and an actor but did you know that he was the Brand Ambassador of Arunachal Tourism a couple of years ago . You did not ! well we dont blame you as there was no follow up to that announcement .And he wanted to do a world musical festival in Tawang

Here is the Video of him in Arunachal Pradesh -Tawang on his new role or no role as the Brand Ambassador of Arunachal Pradesh.

Celina Jaitley is a name heard lesser and lesser these days but in December 2006 she was so charmed by the state that she accepted the offer to become a brand ambassador of the state .Well since then we see her more in Dubai and sometimes speaking on Article 377 rather than the Northeastern State.

Well Priya Dutt is not even a film star her father and brother surely were , but for her to become a Brand Ambassador was surely a all time low for even the star struck politicians and officials of the state.In 2009 she was announced as the Brand Ambassador of the state and she promised to promote the state and even bring her Munna Bhai to the region.

Not much has happened though