Baichung Bhutia loses from Siliguri; suggests that there is no place for footballers in Politics


The Trinamool Congress may have scored a goal in the whole of West Bengal but their star striker and former Indian football captain has scored yet another own goal.Losing the prestigious siliguri seat to the left heavyweight Asok Bhattacharya by a huge margin may be the last fling the sikkimese sniper has with politics.

Earlier Baichung had fought the Darjeeling seat against GJM backed BJP candidate SS Ahluwalia and lost heavily in the 2014 lok Sabha polls.

With this defeat despite a Trinamool wave in Bengal one thing seems to be sure – success on the football arena is no guarantee on the political field.

Baichung Bhutia perhaps has done more harm to his legacy by standing for elections in West Bengal (he originally belongs to Sikkim) and a life off politics but for the betterment of indian football will be a better option