Assam:ISIS Followers second highest in Country


In light of the attacks in Paris indian intelligence agencies have started getting more vigil on the the so called followers of Isis in the state of Assam .

After reports that most of the ISIS members who plotted the deadly attacks on Paris were European citizens the intelligence communities have started looking internally at possible terrorist strikes than externally.

Most terrorist attacks in India have been blamed at ISI (Pakistan) or at the Tamil rebels during their prime in the 90's.

A rise in ISIS activities has the Assam Police worried about international Islamist terrorist outfits like the IS (Islamic State) making inroads into the state, a senior police official said.

It maybe mentioned that after Jammu and Kashmir the second most state where ISIS is followed is in Assam.

Members of the BJP have asked for this development to be looked at a heightened level.'We think that just like in America emails and Facebook is checked on Muslims ,the same must be adhered to on them in Assam'

It maybe stated that in the prime of Al Qaeda no active member joined the group from India.

Many critics have stated that such generalisation of any minority community be it the Christian or Muslim is wrong .

Recently the comments made by certain members on minority communities have hurt the image of India and even ensured the PM on his trip to London being asked uncomfortable questions