Assam:Guwahati could lose hosting rights to under 17 FIFA World Cup


It seems like Guwahati will have a race against time to get its stadium and facilities up in place before the FIFA under 17 world cup  in India .

It maybe mentioned that this years ISL opening ceremony will be in Guwahati and it is considered fit enough for the tournament .

However FIFA follows a more stringent rules and guidelines and it seems that if the federation does not get its act together they may lose the hosting rights in the city

According to sources Guwahati  is running behind schedule and in a recent meeting held in August, the Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the World Cup Under-17 expressed their concern over the poor progress in the north-eastern city's Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium which needs a several additions such as a proper media gallery, refurbishment of the players' tunnel, enlargement of the pitch and more.

It would be really a shame if the city and the region loses out seeing the future superstars of the world game due to shoddy planning and lack of priority.

It maybe mentioned that The Centre has assured Assam of Rs 9.34 crore for the necessary upgrade work but is not known if the fund has been released yet.