Assam:Ahead of Independence day ULFA strikes and kills two several injured


ULFA (I) has struck again and this time just days before the independence day,killing two and injuring several others in at Bahbon village in Philobari area of the district this evening, police said.

A group of five suspected militants of the anti-talk ULFA faction came to the house of Arvind Shah, a small trader, and fired indiscriminately at those outside it around 7.30 pm.

One person, identified as Kishori Teli, died on the spot while the injured were admitted to hospital, police said.

Just a few days ago ULFA had along with other insurgent organisation called for the boycott of the Independence day celebration

Senior police and civil officials have rushed to the area where security measures were tightened.

Suspected ULFA-I militants yesterday exploded an improvised explosive devise (IED) in a drain near a tea garden in Philobari but none was injured.