Assam: Senior BJP minister offers Rs. 2000 notes to journalists as ‘Bihu Gift’!


Guwahati, April 13, 2017: In what may be termed as a clear attempt to tarnish the image of the profession of journalism, a leading English daily from Assam reported that a senior BJP official was seen offering cash to journalists as 'Bihu Gift'!

The Sarbananda Sonowal-led government that came to power with promises of bringing 'parivartan', including a promise to tackle corruption and nepotism, seems to have lost its way within less a year of assuming charge with an official at the office of a senior Cabinet minister offering cash to journalists as 'Bihu gift' in the name of the minister. And the entire incident happened inside the official residence of the senior minister. A number of journalists, including the Staff Reporter of this leading English daily, had been invited for a briefing by the minister on the morning of April 12.

As per the reports, when the group of scribes were about to enter the minister's residential office, an official approached the group and offered them some notes of Rs 2,000 denomination stating that it was a 'Bihu gift from the minister'.

Some of the journalists took strong exception to the behaviour of the official and his blatant attempt to give them cash in the name of 'Bihu gift'. This  Staff Reporter told the official not to indulge in such practices and not to attempt to tarnish the reputation of the profession of journalism. It was expected that Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal would look into the issue and take steps to curb such practices in future.

It may be mentioned that the recent Guwahati DIPR Rs. 30 crore scam which brought into light the involvement of numerous media houses in highlighting the Congress propaganda has put a bad light into the profession of journalism and media fraternity as a whole. and this incident in itself is proof how politicians look upon at journalists and media houses- as puppets who work for a few paper notes without much dignity! It is hoped that strict action is taken to curb such practices by the concerned people.

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TNT News with inputs from the Assam Tribune