Assam Election:Major Faux Pas as Amit Shah mistakingly says Sukhapha Defeated Mughals


Narendra Modi during the build up to the Lok Sabha election had made a remark that Alexander was stooped by the Mauriya Dynasty (Actually the Mauryas were the Gupta dynasty  and Alexander never reached Bihar during his conquest of India ) .

This remark was played to the hilt by Nitish Kumar and the Prime Minister's critics for his lack of historical accuracy.

This time it seems that in a bid to play up the Ahom emotions the BJP president Amit Shah has had a major faux pas when it comes to the history of Assam.

In his recent speech Amit Shah stated that  (Ahom King) Sukhapha had stopped the Mughals 17 times from entering Assam, he also alleged Congress has worked to make Assam a home for infiltrators from Bangladesh.

But historically the Mughal Dynasty was started by Babar in the 15th century and there is no way that the Great Ahom King Sukhapha could have defeated the Mughals as he died sometime in 1268 AD , a good 250 years ago before Babar set his foot in In Delhi.

Many critics are saying that BJP needs to do more homework before making such statement which may embarrass the local leadership.

Perhaps he was suggesting Mir Jumla's invasion of Assam in 1662 and subsequent defeat at the Battle of Saraighat.