Arunachal Pradesh:Christian School denies DC allegation’s that they asked Baptism Certificate for admission


The authorities of St Xavier school have categorically denied that the school has been asking for baptism certificate as an prerequisite to admission in their school.

This was confirmed by the principal of the school as well as Felix Anthony the secretary Diocese of Miao 'we don't even know how many christian and non christian students out of the 300 odd students we have ' the authorities added.

The DC should have investigated the matter before issuing such a circular as it tarnishes the good work done by us in remote parts of the Northeast and especially Arunachal Pradesh.

It maybe mentioned that Ravi Jha the DC of Tirap Khongsa had issued an advisory that such a prerequisite (produce baptist certificate) was in violation of the constitution of India.

In a circular he had said that this was an violation to the freedom of religion under article 15 of the Indian Constitution .

While these accusations are being denied by the Diocese there have been counter allegation that the missionaries are converting children in the same of religion by members of the RSS and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

It maybe added that the school authorities are going to meet the concerned DC in a couple of days and lodge a protest as to why he did not choose to investigate the matter and issue this notice without verifying facts.

As a matter of fact recently Swami Yogi adityanath ,the BJP MP had recently stated Christianisation of Northeast was apart of most insurgent groups who want cessation from India .

The state of Arunachal Pradesh has recently became the first BJP Government in the Northeast which was followed closely by Assam.