Arnab Goswami Resigns from Times Now,speculation rife of Political party approaching him


For more than the last decade Arnab Goswami has continued to sensationalise news and changed the paradigm of news reporting.

In the recent past he has even outdone himself and his brand of news had many question the sort of journalism he pursued.

But now there are reports that Arnab Goswami has announced his decision to resign at an editorial conference.

Rs 500-cr defamation case slapped on Arnab Goswami

"The game has just begun." is what Arnab Goswami said at the conference .

Recently Arnab was given a Y Category security after IB reported threats to his life.

Arnab Goswami becomes the first journalist from Assam to get Y category security

It is not sure why he is leaving Times Now but there are speculation that he may take a short sabbatical from journalism.

It is reported that the ruling government has also approached him to join politics but Arnab has been tight lipped about it.Arnab Goswami  uncle and father have both been active in Assam politics with the ruling BJP.