Animosity of the CCORMAU – A Product of Fear?

The deep nexus between the contractors, engineers and the MeECL officials is well known and well established with the corporation.

(by Jordan Diengdoh)


On Wednesday, April 7, the President of the Coordination Committee of Registered MeECL (Employees) Associations and Unions (CCORMAU), P. K. Chullet demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation enquiry into the alleged irregularities in the corporation.

To quote his words “The employees of MeECL are troubled with the irregularities at the MeECL for power theft and other scams.” 

He also demanded that appropriate action should be started against any engineers of the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited indulging in malpractices.

The CCORMAU said in a meeting that was held recently they had thoroughly deliberated on the recent events connected with the irregularities and scams in MeECL that have been highlighted in the media which also includes power theft and the CMD’s surprise inspection at Byrnihat area.

Is it, however, possible that rampant power theft in Byrnihat is going on without the knowledge and connivance of members of the CCORMAU?

As we all know that technically none of this is possible without the involvement of engineers. If we go by Arju Dkhar and P. K. Chullet’s justification, the CMD should have informed the officers, and the industries involved in power theft before carrying out the inspection so that they could have prepared themselves.

But if this was done, then I am sure, power theft would not have been discovered in the first place because they would have done whatever they could have to cover up for this malpractice and misconduct.

It is interesting to note Arju’s dramatic offer to tender his resignation and let go of his terminal benefits. This is startling as nobody in their right minds, especially a government employee, would so willingly give up their terminal benefits which will support them in the future after their retirement.

Does this mean he has earned enough from the irregularities and misdeeds unleashed on the public all these years to the extent that he does not need any retirement benefits?

I am positive the citizens of Meghalaya are smart enough to judge the people working at MeECL.

It is time now for the citizens to also raise their voices against these people as well, for we all know that certain functions within the corporation will not operate without their involvement.

These malefactors have looted the state for years and enjoyed stealing from the common public by increasing the electricity bills which is a regular affair now and then.

The deep nexus between the contractors, engineers and the MeECL officials is well known and well established with the corporation.

As a common citizen, I appeal to the Meghalaya Chief Minister to conduct a thorough CBI probe regarding the matter.

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